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At Nuclear Lightning, we build the fastest computers in the world by overclocking them to 5.0 GHz or faster. We design our own rather exotic cooling solutions, right here in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. All of our cooling solution components are manufactured by companies that build in America. Everything we build and assemble is done in the United States.

Intel and AMD are engaged in a mini "Heat War" for CPU dominance. AMD leapfrogged Intel in the 2019 timeframe, and now Intel is competing with them by offering faster overclocks IF you can remove the tremendous heat load. The core counts are so high and the overclocks are adding so much heat that even triple and quadruple liquid cooled radiator designs cannot keep up (if you are running all cores at full speed). The water will literally reach the boiling point at 100 degrees Celsius on an 8-core Intel i9-9900KS running 16 threads at 5.0 GHz, for example.

That's where QuantaCool and Nuclear Lightning come in.

QuantaCool is an engineering and manufacturing firm specializing in custom heat removal systems. Nuclear Lightning is their only authorized reseller and OEM partner. Together we can make any custom cases, cooling solutions, and speed demon servers/workstations/briefcase systems you can imagine.

If you need speed, just call us. We deliver the goods.

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