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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is simple. Your information is used only to complete your order. We safeguard it as if we would our own data. We don't want anybody else to see it. We don't want anybody else to know you ordered something from us. This is why a vast majority of our sales are done via good old-fashioned "check is in the mail" orders, or in cases where time is of the essence, via wire transfers.

We save your address so we can ship your product to you.

We save your phone number so that we may call you when your product is ready.

We save your email address to email you if we can't reach you by phone.

We don't share this information with anyone else.

We don't store "cookies" or other software files to track where you go online.

We have a plain website that showcases our products, and if you like them, we would be happy if you buy what you like.

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