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Lightning II Server Quick Reference Guide

CineBench R20 Scores


Lightning Two

Lightning II @ 4.8 GHz = 8848


AMD EPYC 7601 @ 3.2 GHz = 7445


Lightning I @ 5.3 GHz = 6447


Intel Xeon E5-2699 V4 @ 3.6 GHz = 4981

4.8 GHz Intel i9-10980XE
18 cores/36 threads
up to 256 GB 4 TB SSD x max of 2
QuantaCool 2-Phase Refrigerant
Vapor Phase Change Active Thermosyphon
On-board graphics and
any graphics card you like
no monitor

The Lightning II Server offers the same speed as the Lightning II Workstation inside a server chassis. It features an overclocked Intel i9-10980XE running at 4.8 GHz across all 18 cores and 36 threads. All of the servers in the lightning product line can fit inside enclosures as small as 1U and are available in either standard horizontal or vertical blade orientation mounts.

Nuclear Lightning also has technology partners that provide external rack-level cooling solutions (cooling the entire rack externally) and entire Data Center plans for waste heat expulsion. Feel free to contact us for your customized heat removal and cooling needs.

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