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Lightning I Workstation Quick Reference Guide

CineBench R20 Scores


Lightning One

Lightning I @ 5.3 GHz = 6447


Intel i9-9900KS @ 5.2 GHz = 5226


AMD Ryzen 7 3800X @ 4.5 GHz = 4960


Intel i9-9820X @ 4.2 GHz = 4677

5.3 GHz Intel i9-10900K
10 cores/20 threads
up to 128 GB 2 TB SSD x max of 4
Chiller + Copper Heat Exchanger
500 Watt total capacity
On-board graphics and
any graphics card you like
23" diagonal internal monitor

The Lightning I Workstation is the fastest "All In One" computer on Planet Earth as of September 2020. It features an overclocked Intel i9-10900K running at 5.3 GHz across all 10 cores and 20 threads. All of the workstations in the Lightning product line feature an incredibly sturdy, custom built computer case. The case frame is comprised of extruded aluminum bars and plexiglass. This case won't break when bumped, kicked, or smacked into a door when you're carrying it around, very much unlike every other fragile plastic mass-produced case on the market today. There is also a sliding plexiglass door that reveals an internal storage area for the wireless keyboard and mouse. When it's time to shock another client by taking your Lightning on the road for a demo, toss the keyboard inside and put your mouse "in the cage," and off you go. One trip is all you'll need, and you'll never set up the computer and realize your left something behind.

The Lightning I Story
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